Healthcare IT

Did You Know...

According to Pew Research Center: 

• Between 75% and 80% of internet users have looked
  online for health information
• 75% of e-patients with a chronic health condition say

  their last health search affected a decision about how

  to treat an illness or condition
• 60% of e-patients say they or someone they know has

  been helped by following medical advice or health

  information found on the internet
• On the rise are searches on:
     ~ Doctors or other professionals (35% of adults)
     ~ Hospitals or other medical facilities (28% of adults)
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  3D animated suites can help your organization show up

  on the web!


Our principals and team have a combined total of more than 50 years of senior level healthcare experience as executives in private firms including “big six” and management consulting firm experience.


Stonehenge Resources realizes that health care institutions have unique needs. To this end, we have created a division within our firm that specializes in providing services, as well as developing products, for the health care community. We work with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, physician practices, insurance companies and more.

Complex Systems Integration  


Many healthcare firms are using a combination of third party tools, and have a need for our integration services.  Efforts to integrate systems often fail or run over in terms of time and cost.  This space is our niche. We have successfully integrated with third party claims systems, physicians' directories, payment systems, personal health record systems, reporting tools, etc. Our secret is a combination of strong project management, a strong and simple process, strong business heads, and strong IT experience. We are able to leverage our soft skills with the technical, the business with the IT, and we successfully complete our projects.