Quality Assurance

We Believe...

The importance of an independent QA consulting firm must be emphasized. Most firms allow their outsourced providers to dictate the metrics by which they are measured. There is an inherent conflict in this arrangement.

   • QA is best utilized early in the development process
   • Balance between software delivery speed and quality
     should be achieved

   • IT governance is critical to success
   • Automated testing is not right for every application
   • Testers, developers and management can get along!

We offer companies of all sizes the ability to implement custom Quality Assurance Best Practices across their organizations. Our consultants have led QA teams, initiatives and audits for major consulting firms, and we bring this knowledge to each and every client. Our team has experience across a wide variety of industries and within the entire spectrum of QA activities.

​Our services include:

   • Project and process management
   • Design and implementation of global quality initiatives
   • Integration of automated and manual test teams
   • Design, development, implementation and monitoring of
     standardized SDLC and PDLC processes
   • Design and implementation of quality review programs
   • Design and implementation of quality metrics across teams
   • Selection of appropriate tools and systems
   • Assistance with identifying and communicating to client
     teams that will benefit from improved QA service lines
   • Selection of and implementation of onshore, near shore
     and offshore teams
   • Support
   • more...

Key Benefits

Here are some benefits that clients claim:

   • Applications have fewer bugs/rounds in QA resulting in time
     and cost savings
   • Lower overall project costs due to higher quality first time around
   • Processes are repeatable making it easy to implement across
     all development areas
   • Automated test teams are integrated with overall QA, resulting
     in a cohesive group
   • Teams work better and training new employees is easier
   • Teams focus on the metrics and meet goals
   • Save time and cost related to offshore team setup
   • more...